NASCAR and RTIC Team Up And Drop New Coolers

Stay cool and go fast. That’s the goal. Right?

byHank O'Hop|
RTIC Outdoors and NASCAR
RTIC Outdoors

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Do you need the most expensive goods to run with the pros? No, and I think that's something we pride ourselves on making clear around here. That's not to say good things aren't worth good money. Who's got money these days anyway? 

That's why it's always nice to find a brand that's aiming to put premium gear on the market for less than the competition. RTIC Outdoors has its eyes set on that goal with its coolers, and it’s a target it seems to be hitting.

If you spend any time roaming around Superspeedways, you're sure to see RTIC outnumber any of the other cooler and drinkware brands—including the brand folks make sure you know they spent good money on. 

There are two reasons for that. The first is the quality mentioned above and price balance, and people are getting wise to that. The other, and certainly equally impactful, is that RTIC has officially partnered with NASCAR, putting itself on the map in a big way. 

RTIC Outdoors

Teaming with NASCAR 

In early April, NASCAR officially announced a multi-year agreement with RTIC Outdoors as the series' official cooler and drinkware. Furthermore, RTIC also claimed the title of the official cooler of Talladega Superspeedway. 

RTIC was the title sponsor of the Talladega NASCAR Cup series races held there, which are the GEICO 500, which went down on April 23, and YellaWood 500, set to run on October 1st. The partnership was paired with a number of bleeblobs, and RTIC even had its own car on the field. Anthony Alfredo, otherwise known as "Fast Pasta", who’s been known for running with dude wipes plastered all over his number 78 Chevrolet Camaro, is now rolling with RTIC livery, which was seen in the Agr-Pro 300 at Talladega on April 22nd. 

RTIC Outdoors

More Than Just a Title 

Appearances at races aren't all that's to come of this partnership, as to celebrate the announcement, RTIC has released a line of officially licensed NASCAR coolers and drinkware. 

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Among the NASCAR Cooler collection, you'll find all of RTIC's greatest hits, including its soft pack cooler, the big 65-quart hard cooler, and even its can cooler. Every cooler comes stamped with a celebratory NASCAR logo and can be paired with all the additional accessories that are available to the original models. 

RTIC Outdoors

RTIC's NASCAR drinkware is equally as extensive, only with a little more flair. You have the option to customize its officially licensed NASCAR drinkware with MyRTIC's personalization tool that can be used to add a name to the container. You can also opt to add a custom track logo to your drinkware as well by choosing from one of 10 iconic NASCAR tracks, including Talladega. If that's not enough, you can also select between 25 official driver and team logos. 

All of this is great, but it'd be nothing without actual performance, which isn't lost on licensing or custom logos. Whether you're at the track, on the trail, or slinging wrenches, this RTIC's a solid choice. Managing editor Jonathon Klein actually runs RTIC slab ice packs for his off-road and hunting adventures, and maybe, just maybe, we're going to be playing with one of the brand's new coolers in the coming weeks. And you best believe we're going to put it through its paces.

So stay tuned.