Match Set: Butane Handwarmer and Heatless Racecar

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byBen Keeshin| PUBLISHED Nov 19, 2015 10:42 PM
Match Set: Butane Handwarmer and Heatless Racecar

In rural areas, local trade papers serve as a kind analogue Craigslist. Boats, furniture, electronics, all listed for sale or trade. The last few pages, in color, are dominated by used car dealers that list late model domestics with a promise: LOADED! POWER EVERYTHING! Every car deserves the distinction, because in this electronic age, it’s unlikely to run across a car with manual anything. Still, salesmanship is salesmanship.

Decades ago, that wasn’t the case. Often, car shoppers had to spec “accessories” on a case-by-case basis. Or bring their own. You know, like this butane-powered hand-warmer, made by Zippo, who definitely knows the technology. Unlike those limp chemical packs, which radiate little warmth for a couple of minutes before becoming a particularly poisonous landfill feature, this metal hand warmer can deliver a full 12 hours of consistent heat. To use, fill the warmer with butane, light the heating element for 10 seconds on each side, then (quickly) place inside the provided bag, which restricts the flow of oxygen, keeping the heater on an even burn. It delivers heat, low and slow, like a Luther Vandross ballad.


It’ll come in handy should you find yourself in truly barebones conveyance like this race-prepped 1959 Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce. Things the Alfa has: a roll-bar, white steelies, a healthy patina. Absent: roof, heater, a windshield. As things get faster, they’ll get damn cold. (We learned a thing or two about that last week). So keep this little furnace in your pocket. While this blue beauty isn’t “loaded,” at least romance isn’t an optional extra.