Authentic Race Livery for Your Walls

Joel Clark’s used to cut vinyl for racecars. Now he’s an artist. For $60, putting his works in your living room is a no-brainer.

byDavid Traver Adolphus| PUBLISHED Nov 13, 2015 5:14 PM
Authentic Race Livery for Your Walls

English artist Joel Clark used to earn his living by hand-cutting vinyl decals for racecars, laying down the colors and designs you remember most after the race. It’s what gave the most famous racing teams an identity: Lotus black and gold. Gulf marigold and blue. Marlboro red and white. Colors of dreams and speed.

Liveries stuck in Clark’s head. And now, after 15 years working for ad agencies, he’s cutting vinyl again. See: His series of limited-edition Speed Icons prints and original collages.

This is pure pop art but, unlike many efforts, it comes from someone who’s actually been there, actually done it. The result is fantastic. He hit a wide range of subjects in the collection, from Richard Petty’s STP stock cars to Group B Rally and turbo era Formula 1. There are a couple of production cars, too. (Dig the Countach; just perfect). Many of the originals have been sold, but those remaining are surprisingly reasonable as far as artworks go, most at £550 ($840). To steep? Hang one on a wall and not in a gallery, with prints priced £39 ($60) and up from Historic Car Art.