Caffeinate In Style With These Retro Coffee Mugs

Who doesn’t want to sip from Jack Brabham’s Cooper-Bristol?

byMax Prince| PUBLISHED Nov 9, 2015 8:59 PM
Caffeinate In Style With These Retro Coffee Mugs

Dragsters have nitro. Heavy-duty trucks have diesel. Your Uncle Jim has 80-proof vodka in single-serving plastic bottles but, hey, let's not talk about that. Point is: We all need fuel. For people like us (read: late-night wrenches, early-morning professionals) that’s caffeine. Why is your tank still a plain, corporate cup?

Upgrade. These 11 oz. ceramic retro car mugs from Needs & Wants should do the trick. Each has a hand-printed pop art graphic wrapping around the outside, a handsome coat of British Racing Green inside. There’s a fine selection of Fifties rides, race and road, from a Riley RM saloon to a Talbot-Lago and Maserati A6 monoposto Grand Prix car. Good. And at $13 a pop, you can afford to start a collection.