Vintage Leicas (and other gems) at Sotheby’s Agents of Style

The instant upgrade auction.

byChris Cantle| PUBLISHED Nov 4, 2015 8:07 PM
Vintage Leicas (and other gems) at Sotheby’s Agents of Style

To your immense good fortune, we’re not here to upgrade your style. We’re not here to curate your accessories or give you advanced notice of what’s cool in 2016. Because, if we’re honest, it’s hard enough to put our own pants on in the morning, much less worry about yours. But we’ve all got to look like pros sometime, and we’re damned glad someone has made the effort to sift out some style for us.

In this case, the upgrade comes at the end of Sotheby’s auction hammer. From a trove of classic Leica rangefinders for documenting your debauchery, to cufflinks and watches that’ll help you roll out the door with class. Here are a few items at their Agents of Style: Gentlemen’s Accessories auction that will place you just a bid away from cool.

Leica M6 TTL instant credibility set


Don’t know much about film cameras? This is as cool as they come. The numbered set is exactly what you’ll need to start making images like street-shooting, rangefinding heroes Diane Arbus and Robert Capa, Elliott Erwitt or Henri Cartier-Bresson. Take your pick of photo icons, fine odds they slung a Leica around their necks. And the odds are equally high the Leica they were slinging weren’t as good as this M6 TTL, or its accompanying numbers-matching 35mm Summicron and 50mm Summilux lenses. This set represents the peak of Leica’s legend, the very best things the company ever made. Totally uncompromising, totally German, totally bitchin.

Better than a key fob Girard-Perregaux 'Scuderia Ferrari' Chronograph


Pairing cars and watches: If one isn’t subtle, the other should be. That’s what makes this handsome Girard-Perregaux 'Scuderia Ferrari' Chronograph the perfect match for a Ferrari, new or old, bright or burdened by abuse and racing scars. With a carbon fiber face and potentially interesting history, the Girard-Perregaux 8020 is a rare moment of subtlety for both companies, one that unfortunately came at the end of their relationship. You can find a nice eulogy for the watch here.

A lifetime of cufflinks


Cufflinks. Eighteen pairs. More than enough to keep your wrists tidy until taking your favorite set to the grave. Hidden among the swirls of color and flashes of precious metal, an amusing conversation piece: Camp David cufflinks complete with the Presidential Seal.

Catch the classic Leicas, the Girard-Perregaux Ferrari watch and a many more tokens of a life well lived at Sotheby's November 16th.