5 Best Complete Car Care Kits

The Drive reviews five of the best car cleaning kits, plus one set of cleaning tools. These are all great kits for your home garage or for giving as a gift. List includes products from trusted brands like 3M, Turtle Wax, Armor All and our favorite, Meguiar’s.

byEric Goeres|
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The Drive's Car Care Roundup

We've taken the time to review and compile this list of best car cleaning kits. We looked for both quality and completeness. We feel that for a kit to be recommended here the cleaners, waxes and shines have to be of high quality and the kits should contain everything you need to fully clean the car. Ideally, the kit would include some sort of sponge, towel or mitt, bit not all do. All car care kits are readily available at Amazon and other major auto parts and big box stores Below are The Drive's recommended car cleaning kits.

Meguiar's Complete Car Care Kit

Meguiar's is a brand with a reputation for quality. We use Meguiar's products here at The Drive in our showroom and garage as well as at home. This car care kit includes one 16-ounce bottle of car wash shampoo, one 16-ounce bottle of liquid wax, one 16-ounce bottle of high gloss gel, one container of quick detailer, one 16-ounce bottle of interior detailer, two 50-gram clay bars in a clamshell container, one container of PlastX, one container of ScratchX, one microfiber towel, a foam applicator pad, and a microfiber wash mitt. You have to buy your bucket separately, both otherwise this kit is fully complete and high quality.

Meguiar's 12-Piece Complete Car Care Kit

, The Meguiar's car care kit has plenty of essential cleaners and polishes and the tools needed to apply them., Amazon

Meguiar's Complete Car Care Kit, at Amazon (4.5 stars, 821 reviews), $48.99

Armor All Complete Car Care Kit

Armor All is another trusted brand, known for quality at a decent price. This car cleaning kit is no exception. This is a smaller 4-piece kit focused on fluids, including a 10-ounce bottle of Armor All original protectant, a 16-ounce bottle of car wash, a 20-ounce bottle of foam tire protectant and 25 glass wipes. Lacking are the towels and mitts requires for the application of everything other than the glass wipes. Still, the price is nice if you already have the gear in the garage.

Armor All 4-Piece Complete Car Care Kit

, This kit of essentials is great if you already have the tools to do the job and is priced right., Amazon

Armor All Complete Car Care Kit, at Amazon (4.5 stars, 138 reviews), $13.47

Turtle Wax 5-Piece Complete Care Kit

Turtle Wax, another major brand, puts forth a kit with the minimum of fluids and a towel for a pretty nice starter kit. The quality is assured, and the bottles are right-sized for the price. Included in this starter car cleaning kit is a 16-ounce bottle of wash & wax, a 12-ounce spray bottle of wax, a 12-ounce spray bottle of tire shine,  a 10.4-ounce bottle of interior protectant, and of course one microfiber towel. 

Turtle Wax 5-Piece Complete Care Kit

, This Turtle Wax kit is a nice mix of essentials in the right-sized bottles and brand name quality at a reasonable price. , Amazon

Turtle Wax 5-Piece Complete Care Kit, at Amazon (4.5 stars, 11 reviews), $21.00

Duragloss 1049 Car Care Kit

A decent kit from Duragloss that provides plenty of fluids for thorough cleanings, probably best for those who wash their car less than monthly and don't sweat the detailing as much. And guess what, it even comes with its own bucket. Included is 16-ounces of car wash concentrate, 8-ounces of polish with applicator, 10-ounces of aerosol detailing spray, 8 ounces of pump spray vinyl and leather dressing and a 22-ounce pump spray bottle of wheel cleaner (which excels at removal of brake dust). 

Duragloss 1049 Car Care Kit

, This car cleaning kit from Duragloss is no-nonsense and is best for deep cleaning operations., Amazon

Duragloss 1049 Car Care Kit, at Amazon (5 stars, 8 reviews), $32.57

3M Auto Essentials Car Care Kit

It says it all in what they named it. This is a car care kit of essentials from 3M, a company that knows what it's doing when it comes to solvents and cleaners. Quality is high with this spray-focused kit, and it should be since this kit isn't budget priced, especially considering the absence of tools and applicators. Still, it's a get-it-done lineup, all 16-ounce spray bottles, one leather and vinyl interior restorer, one all purpose scrub, one wax and one tire shine.

3M Auto Essentials Car Care Kit

, Nothing but the basics in the car care kit from 3M, but the quality is assured, the bottles are big and the instructions are simple. , Amazon

3M Auto Essentials Car Care Kit, at Amazon (4.5 stars, 4 reviews), $35

Carrand Car Wash Bucket Kit 

To finish off our roundup of car cleaning kits, here's one that compliments all the other liquid-focused kits nicely. This kit is implements only. So, pair it up with any of the other kits on this list and you'll be well stocked with both fluids and tools. This kit comes with a three-gallon bucket with lid, 3 microfiber towels, 2 microfiber applicator pads with reusable handle, a microfiber mitt, a lug nut brush and a 2-sided wheel detailer. 

Carrand Car Wash Bucket Kit

, The perfect compliment to the car cleaning kits is this collection of tools., Amazon

Carrand 94108VA Car Wash Bucket Kit, at Amazon (No reviews), $30.45