Period Correct’s Flagship Store is a Classic Car Shrine

And the clothes inside aren’t too shabby, either.

byMax Prince| PUBLISHED Oct 20, 2015 10:59 PM
Period Correct’s Flagship Store is a Classic Car Shrine

Racecar all of the things. That’s the idea behind Period Correct, the vintage-motorsport-fashion collision that has resulted in some of the coolest automotive-themed streetwear we’ve seen in awhile. The menswear brand caught our attention when it dropped its first lookbook back in May. The line now has an atelier in Costa Mesa, too.

And, good lord, is it fantastic. A rotation of classic lobby cars, automobile and motor art, plus vintage reading material, trinkets and relics—the Period Correct flagship store has it all. Oh, and the clothes are pretty legit, too. Some are simple, no-nonsense motorsport designs; others, little nods to the culture for the more esoteric among us. (See: The snapback hat with ‘P’ embossed in Bertone typeface). If you’re a West Coaster, you must drop in.

Period Correct: 2950 Randolph Ave., Costa Mesa, CA. (