Buy This Reissue of NASA’s Original Apollo 11 Flight Plan

Now you can own the Moon Landing manual, used by the astronauts and Mission Control, in its 362-page entirety. 

Reproduction IO via Kickstarter

On July 20, 1969, at 10:56 p.m. EDT, with more than half a billion people watching on television, Neil Armstrong became the first man to step foot on the Moon. One small step for man… Nearly 50 years on, it’s still enough to put a lump in your throat. How Armstrong, NASA, and the entire Apollo 11 crew pulled it all off will fascinate us forever. And now you can put the mission’s single most important document on your coffee table.

Reproduction IO via Kickstarter

Credit the good people at Reproduction IO. Their goal? Reissue NASA’s ingenious, minute-by-minute Apollo 11 flight plan from 1969, in its entirety, with unprecedented accuracy. According to the project’s Kickstarter page:

We have been disappointed with the quality of current reproductions available. They are only available as eBooks, use incorrect fonts and have used automated tools to convert graphics to vector illustrations, this is a hit and miss approach and results in an inaccurate document that doesn't stay faithful to the original design and layout.

You’ll find none of that here. Based on high-resolution scans, Reproduction IO says “each letter appears in the exact same position on the page as the original Apollo 11 Flight Manual.” The reissue uses the correct colors, line spacing and paper, with flawless recreations of all vector artwork, tables, and diagrams. It’s even got the fold-out charts, as per the original NASA document. Spanning 362 pages, this is almost certainly the finest recreation ever.

Reproduction IO via Kickstarter

Reproduction IO has already smashed its initial $11,274 goal, garnering more than $380,000. There’s still time left to get your copy. Check out the project’s Kickstarter page here.