Pass on Your Love of Racing With This Great Book

Josef Newgarden does a children’s book.

byMax Prince| PUBLISHED Aug 10, 2016 4:00 AM
Pass on Your Love of Racing With This Great Book

Strange as it may seem, the United States has a literacy crisis. Nearly half of all adults in this country won’t read a book this year. Fifty percent couldn’t if they wanted to, not if it was above an eighth-grade level. Some 45 million Americans are unable to read above a fifth-grade level, rendering them functionally illiterate. Don’t let your kid become on of them.

Here’s the solution: Josef, the Indy Car Driver. This new 52-page children’s book is the work of illustrator/writer Chris Workman in a collaboration with IndyCar stud Josef Newgarden. It teaches aspiring young racecar drivers a "path to the IndyCar by featuring Josef's personal progression through the ranks of motorsports.” Then, takes kids through a race day at Road America, with “informational content about Indy car,” plus “race elements such as pit stops and the cars themselves.” All the illustrations are hand-drawn, the aero kits and liveries are accurate to 2016 spec, and it’s got a special foreword by NBCSN’s Leigh Diffey, as well as an coloring book companion.

For $19.99, it’s a no-brainer. Better yet, a portion of the proceeds go to children’s health care and cancer research charities. Get your copy of Josef, the Indy Car Driver on Amazon here.