The Twofer: Speargun and an Airboat

Get in touch with you inner bayou man.

byBen Keeshin| PUBLISHED Oct 13, 2015 5:13 PM
The Twofer: Speargun and an Airboat

It’s fall, which means it’s hunting season. And should you choose to partake, there is the genteel option: woolen cap, double-barrelled shotgun, pair of binoculars and a jacket with pockets especially for pheasant. You might sit in a blind, pipe between the lips, reading Muir in the woods. Fine.

But there’s also the gonzo option, a cruder option, a The Waterboy option. Most anywhere you can imagine spanish moss, nearby lies a bayou—marshy, brackish water bodies in the low-lying areas of the Gulf Coast, like the Everglades. They’re beautiful. And populated by alligators.

Our suggestion: a speargun, suitable for gamefish and self-defense. This one from JBL Spearguns, rightly dubbed Elite Woody, has a body formed from a single piece of African mahogany. The grip bears a high-friction honeycomb pattern, the trigger a lifetime warranty. You’ll be able to shoot holes in all things swimming until one of them puts a hole in you.

Of course, to get at those fish, you’ll need a vehicle. Airboats are a fine solution, fan-driven and flat-bottomed, allowing them to operate in the shallowest waters. For the ultimate in skimming terror, some even sport proper GM small-block V8s. There are a number of small regional manufacturers; American Airboat Corp. has a great reputation. This three-seater is lightly used, complete with an aluminum hull and a warranty, should your navigating skills veer closer to carpetbagger than cajun.