Pay Respect to the Toyota GT-One With This Throwback Tee

The perfect beater shirt to wear while wrenching on a beater of your own.

Import Bible

Disclaimer: This is not for a night out on the town. It’s not for dinner, for social or romantic engagements. Really, it’s not the kind of thing you’d want to be seen wearing outside, ever. But as far as abrasive, kitschy graphic t-shirts go, it’s pretty much perfect.

That’s because it’s from Import Bible, the longstanding king of abrasive, kitschy Japanese automotive streetwear. In commemoration of Toyota’s (ultimately fruitless) return to the 24 Hours of Le Mans, designer David Nguyen whipped up “The Ultra.” Yes, that’s the GT-One TS020, the 600-horsepower cult classic that debuted at Le Mans in 1998, and finished second overall in 1999. Compared to the post-Group C prototypes that’d taken over the paddock, the GT-One was a radical, slippery, F1-inspired take on a new era of sportscar racing. It felt like the future. Nearly two decades on, the thing still looks cooler than all getout.

Import Bible

So you're after a beater summer tee to wear while wrenching on a beater of your own, this is the one to have. That glorious Toyota image is silkscreened in the U.S. onto 100 percent ring-spun cotton. (Note: Import Bible stuff runs small, and will shrink, so buy one size up.) And, at $30, you can probably spring for the Mazda 787B shirt, too. Pick ‘em up here.