Check Out This F-117 Nighthawk Inspired Backpack

For when your laptop is COVERT, and your gym shorts TOP SECRET.

byBen Keeshin| PUBLISHED Mar 4, 2016 3:00 PM
Check Out This F-117 Nighthawk Inspired Backpack

When lovers are spooning, and the exterior spoon is smaller than the interior, the move is called “jetpacking.” This jet-inspired jet pack is not that. (But wasn't that nice to expand your romantic vocabulary?) From the cool kids at Tessel Supply, this is the Jet Pack 2.0, modeled after the F-117 stealth aircraft, better known as the Lockheed Nighthawk.

Though it’s almost 35 years old, the many-faceted, twin-engined jet with the profile of a robotic bat is still about the coolest thing around, which is why Tessle nabbed its angular gray skin. While this capacious beastie flys under the radar between your scapulae, it can harbor a 15-inch laptop in a faux-fur lined pocket, plus multiple nooks and crannies for other contraband. The ripstop nylon and fleece are sure to hold up over many flights and at $140, this stealthy pack retails for just over one-millionth of the average price of a F-117. Good deal, that. [$140,]