This $17 Gizmo Turns Plastic Bottles Into Tow Straps

Now you’ll never be more than a two-liter away from hauling rustbuckets home.

byBrendan McAleer| UPDATED Apr 6, 2019 1:01 PM
This $17 Gizmo Turns Plastic Bottles Into Tow Straps

When particle physics finally cracks open the secrets of matter, you just know they'll find what every hooptie-owner already knows: The universe is held together by zip-ties and plastic twine. Now, thanks to a gadget you can stuff in your glovebox for less than twenty bucks, you'll never be without the latter.

This new Kickstarter project, The Plastic Bottle Cutter, does just that: Simply slot a two-liter soda container into the wooden slot, adjust the metal cutting device for thickness, and play spin the bottle to dispense a surprisingly strong plastic ribbon. Even a smaller bottle will give you several feet of this stuff. If you're forever leaving coils of twine and rope at home, a quick raid of the closest recycling bin and a few minutes will net you a tough usable rope.

Facebook/Plastic Bottle Company

There are all kinds of applications we can think up for this thing. Stuck in a snowbank with your rental car? Instant tow rope. Need to get home from the hardware store with a bundle of planks? A couple of quick turns and you've got tie-down straps for days. Need to keep a body panel from flapping around after you accidentally dorifto'd your Nissan 240SX into a retaining wall? Do the Dew, then spin for the win.

Considering the Pacific Ocean is filling up with giant plastic islands at an alarming rate, this is a great way to keep bottles out of the landfills, and get them working for you. Just a couple of euros will net you one; with twelve times its stated goal in funding already, the Plastic Bottle Cutter shows that the simplest ideas are best.