Now You Can Finally Afford a Tesla

And alienate your child in one fell swoop.

byBrendan McAleer| PUBLISHED Feb 17, 2016 1:31 PM
Now You Can Finally Afford a Tesla

There are many devotees in the Church of Tesla, and with the religious experience of launching a Model S in Ludicrous mode, who can blame ’em? However, up until now you had to have a driver’s license to join the faithful; happily, here comes Radio Flyer with a kid-size Model S to electrify your Tesla tots. Really, you have to wonder why this partnership took so long.

Electric-powered cars for kids have been around long enough for us to all hate the first kid on the block who got a battery-powered Jeep with plastic wheels. It’s still neat to see: Radio Flyer has been putting kids on wheels for nearly 100 years now, and now it’s doing so with a scale model of one of the most desirable modern machines out there.

Of course, things are scaled down, in size and speed. The kid-friendly Model S has a top speed of 3 mph, or double that if a switch is flipped—look, lil’ Ludicrous mode! It seats just one, at a weight of up to 81 lb, and charges to full in just three hours. You can also swap the lithium-ion battery out if you want to play longer, and you don’t need a technician to do so.

There are also a bunch of accessories for the $500 mini Model S, including a car cover, working on-board audio system with auxiliary input, and personalized license plates. Oh good: Just like a real Model S owner, you can have NOOIL or AMPD or DISRPTR or whatever. Do we want to share our Legos with such a kid? Possibly not.

Further, for $99 more, you also can have the Actev Motors Arrow smart e-kart, a first step on the rung toward racing. It’s faster than the micro Model S, looks like a racecar, and there aren’t any vanity plates. We’ll spend our Sundays at the track.