Mission Workshop’s Transit Duffle Is a Solid Bag for Travel and Gym Alike

A stand-out camo bag that never blends in.

byChris Hercik|
Accessories photo

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Some might call me a fetishist, others might say connoisseur; either way, I have a closet that proves the depths of my pursuit to find the right bag. Recently, I’ve been searching for that perfect combo gym bag-slash-overnight travel bag. I’ve ended up feeling a lot like Goldilocks: This bag is too big, this one is way too small, this one doesn’t have enough pockets, and this one looks like it should be in a gym locker. But I can honestly say that the Transit Duffle (31L) from Mission Workshop is the first bag that truly satisfies all three of the criteria in my head when selecting the right bag...

1: Style. Let's face it, for me, if it’s not visually appealing, I’m not going to carry it—even if it’s just to the gym. This industrial-chic bag makes a statement with its well-thought-out design and modern feel. I chose the black camo because it doesn’t blend in. (Yes, camo is a trend, but this darker version is more timeless than timely.) In fact, it does the opposite—more people ask me about it, proving that it passes my style test.

2: Function. This bag was designed to be the right size and the perfect rectangular shape. I never understood round gym bags. Unless I am carrying a basketball, nothing I try to put in there is round. The 31-liter Transit makes the most efficient use of space. If you are like me, a frequent overnight traveler who never wears the same thing twice (including shoes) and likes to work out on the road, this is the perfect bag for you. Size 10.5 shoes fit perfectly side by side on the bottom, and clothes stack perfectly on top. Every square inch of the inner compartment is utilized because of its rectangular shape. On planes, this bag fits easily into overhead compartments or under the seat in front of you if needed.

3: Organization. It’s obvious that the team that designed this bag used it too. Each pocket, waterproof zipper, and strap is well thought-out. The inner pockets on either side offer ample compartments to organize. The outer zipper compartment makes it easy to quickly slide a laptop in and out, while still keeping it protected. The only issue I have is that both outer side pockets have straps meant for carrying things like yoga mats or latching the bag to the front of a bike. These straps sometimes prevent me from quickly sliding magazines into the outer pocket, so I’d love to see the straps on just one side.

As a bit of a fetishist and a true connoisseur of bags, I am happy to say that this “Goldilocks” endorses the Transit 31L as “just right.”