The Twofer: Bespoke Surf Quiver and 1971 Jeep Commando

A bespoke board bag that travels and an old Jeep to get you there.

byMax Prince| PUBLISHED Sep 10, 2015 2:00 PM
The Twofer: Bespoke Surf Quiver and 1971 Jeep Commando

The latest in our recurring series where odd couples become dream teams.

Like a good suit or stereo, a surfboard is an investment. Why drop $1,200 on a stick, then let it get beat to bits in transit? The problem with most bags is finding the right size, especially if you’re doing it right with a custom board. The solution is this quiver carrier from The Make Co. It’s constructed from weatherproof waxed twill, with nice leather and brass hardware. Also, it’s made to measure, and hewn by hand. Proper.

A Jeep Commando is what you’ll want for beach duty. The plucky Jeepster was revised for 1971, codenamed C104, stretched and facelifted but versatile as ever. Big news came in the arrival of V8 power, via AMC’s “Tall-Deck” 304 cid, good for 210 ponies. This Commando is a peach, blue over blue with power steering and brakes. It’s even got the original AM radio. Zip-off top, four-wheel drive, locking hubs and a healthy heaping of cool. Pair the bag with the Jeep? You epic swell, you.