The Twofer: Uuni Wood-fired Pizza Oven and Lancia Fulvia HF 1.6

Eat like an old-world Italian, drive like a rally champion.

byMax Prince|
The Twofer: Uuni Wood-fired Pizza Oven and Lancia Fulvia HF 1.6

The latest in our recurring series where odd couples become dream teams.

Sorry, chief. Bad news about this whole pizza thing: You’re doing it wrong. The linchpins of a perfect pie are heat and surface. Wood-fired ovens, which burn around 700-800 degrees Fahrenheit and have deep, short physical dimensions, work best. History concurs. Pizza ovens have been found everywhere from ancient Rome to 18th-century Scotland. Those Pompeians of yore didn’t have a gas hookup, either. Get on your pizza game and invest in a wood-fired oven, like this one. It’s portable, reasonably priced and uses nifty condensed oak pallets.

And nothing says old-world Italy like an old Lancia, romantic and shortsighted with a sense of purpose. Case in point: the Fulvia Coupè HF. This quirky little guy weighed less than 2,200 pounds thanks to aluminum bodywork and plexiglass windows. So, during the mid-’60s, Lancia decided to take the HF rallying. Results did not vary. For a solid decade, the Fulvia cleaned up across the European circuit. Dig it? Go for this upgraded, race-ready 1972 example in California.

Boris Adolf/RM Sotheby's