5 Pedal Cars Every Kid Wants for Christmas

Another iPad? Psh. Get ‘em something on wheels.

byMax Goldberg| PUBLISHED Dec 8, 2015 8:59 PM
5 Pedal Cars Every Kid Wants for Christmas

On equal toy status as the Daisy Red Ryder, a pedal car is sought after by kids across the globe. They’re free of computer chips, charging docks and all other 21st century corruptions. Good old fashion fun.

Here are some great ones to get those holiday gift wheels spinning.

Hand-built, British Racing Green. Tell all your squash buddies that little scoundrel of yours drives a Bentley., Bonhams
Hesitant about putting your child behind the wheel of a racecar at age three? Good. Take the responsible route and purchase this sleek racer inspired fifties Ferrari F2 pedal cars made by Gordini., Bonhams
The little red pedal car: iconic for a reason., Bonhams
O.K., yes, it’s got a steel chassis. Still, pass down a love of old, British cars to the next generation of gearheads. They’ll like it more without the splinters., Bonhams
Authentic-looking, right down to the split windshield and two-tone, pressed-metal wheels. Now all it needs is a miniature Janet Guthrie behind the wheel., Bonhams