Match Set: Turn Your Home Into Manliness Camp

What is a man if not strong and leathery-skinned?

byBen Keeshin| PUBLISHED Dec 1, 2015 9:29 PM
Match Set: Turn Your Home Into Manliness Camp

Around the turn of the last century, summer camps began to spring up in the United States’ northern woods. Part of a larger back-to-nature campaign, the camps were meant to keep the children of the urban elite from succumbing to any mental and physical wilting brought on by the city. For boys especially, camp was meant to butch up the effete, strengthen the weak, and build “character” via high doses of cold mountain air and uncomfortable cots. Summer camp, before it included water-skiing and pizza, was an endeavor towards manliness.

Hock Design

Though the window has closed for an adult to legitimately attend summer camp, there are other way to add a little weight to your walk, callous to your palms, or bulk to your back. Like, dumbbells. This set from Hock Design allows you to pump at home without turning your den into a LA Fitness backroom. When placed in the walnut rack, the stainless steel bells look downright sculptural. Like you will, after some number of months.


While you augment your insides with $14,000 weights, weather and leather your skin through the year-round use of this two-wheeled, two-wheel-drive tractor, which served formerly as a US Forest Department vehicle. (Ridden by those idols of masculinity, the rangers.) Its full name—Rokon Trail Breaker MotoTractor—is a mellifluous ode to all thing rough and tumble. The hardcore tires mean you can commute with harsh winds in your face the year-round, while the olive-drab paint signals to the effete hoards the seriousness of your macho machine. Chapped, sun-damaged skin, red eyes, and frozen ears: that’s the way to be.