Cyber Monday Deals Worth a Damn

All of the internet is itching to sell you things you don’t need. Here are a few things you do.

byChris Cantle| PUBLISHED Nov 30, 2015 9:48 PM
Cyber Monday Deals Worth a Damn

1. Aether’s fancy outdoor duds

You probably know Aether for their outdoor athletic clothing. Jackets and sweaters that make an easy transition from cold morning hikes along the coast, to coffee, to casual work meetings. All good stuff; but the Aether guys are also hopelessly lost to motorcycling. As if their addiction wasn’t enough, the LA-based design team has cooked up several suites of moto gear. Like Aether’s civilian apparel, their moto gear will handle just about anything from casual commuting to hardcore multi-day adventures. Typing in the code CYBER1515 at checkout will knock 15% off of orders above $500.

2. Rally School

Rally is a hell of a sport. Done right, a skilled driver can be expected to huck a car sideways the length of tree tunnels and leap with confidence over blind, snowy crests. Done poorly, his injured hide will be indistinguishable from his wreck. Which is why a little rally training is a fine idea. The always-excellent Team O’Neil rally school has a 15% off deal cooking through the end of the day, with even deeper discounts up to 35% when you bring your friends along.

3. Driving Mocs

Driving moccasins are cool again, which is great, because they never stopped being practical or comfortable. Online retailer Yoox is better known for catering to ladies high-fashion discount desires, but their stock of men’s shoes is also killer, and 30% off. A quick search yields all manner of drive-worthy mocs including standards like Tods and fancy Ferragamos.

4. The Power of the Sun

Sometimes you want to turn night to day. Like Baja. Or any time there’re deer on the roadside at dusk. Or when you just can’t convince the Prius in the fastlane to yield. For those times, go ahead and splurge on three feet of blindingly bright LED lightbar. Currently 50% off at 4wheelparts, this retina wrecker will solve any and all nighttime visibility problems. For cheap!