Stock Your Garage With Amazon Deals Every Shade-Tree Mechanic Needs

Save big while outfitting your perfect garage with these tool-specific deals.

byRobert Bacon|
The Drive Deals
The Drive Deals. Robert Bacon


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If we could give you senior editor Tony Markovich, you'd never need to worry about the tool selection in your garage. He fixes everything! Unfortunately, Tony's busy working on his Opel GT, and neither of them is currently available. Instead, we've scoured the web to find you deals on the fundamental tools you need to get a lot of DIY automotive jobs done.

There are two standouts on offer today that have a few of us itching to Add to Cart. You can pick up a do-it-all mechanic's tool set and a five-piece power-tool combo kit, which together could help you tackle most mechanical tasks. If you opt to buy these two sets today, you'll save a grand total of $300. If you've already got your power tools and other handy basics, we found a few more deals to help you round out your garage.

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