It’s the Perfect Time for a Personal EV: Save up to $300 at Best Buy

Don’t let gas prices get you down. These electric conveyances will help you cruise right past the pumps.

byRobert Bacon| PUBLISHED Jun 13, 2022 11:40 AM
It’s the Perfect Time for a Personal EV: Save up to $300 at Best Buy
Personal Electric Vehicles. The Drive - Robert Bacon

I use my electric scooter to get around the city more than any other mode of transport. It’s changed my perspective on urban commuting and on personal transportation in general. I stopped worrying about where I could park, whether my vehicle was safe, and how high gas prices, which have risen above $5 per gallon average nationwide, might soar. Thankfully, Best Buy is having a sale on personal electric vehicles. 

If you want to stay active and make life easier, electric bicycles are a slam dunk. They’re a fantastic way to go further on a weekend adventure with your family without the physical demand. And with Father’s Day coming up, you can grab a deal today just in time for the weekend.

I bought both my scooters on sale, and between Ubers, parking, and fuel, they’ve already paid for themselves. Don’t wait to pick up a personal EV later in the year for full price. Start saving your cash today.

There’s a personal EV for everyone, whether you want a leisurely way to see the sights or to shake up your urban commute.

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