Grab These Jack Stands for Less Than $30 on Amazon

Looks like something of a fire sale is happening today. Act fast.

byRobert Bacon|
Amazon Jack Deals
Amazon Jack Deals. The Drive - Robert Bacon

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The Drive team is always on the lookout for great deals, and this one fell into our laps this afternoon. The price of the Pro-Lift 3-Ton Double Pin Jack Stands has been slashed by 50 bucks today, making it $29.99, which is the best offer we've seen in a long time. While we were checking this one out, we also found the Powerbuilt Heavy Duty 4,000-Pound Triple Lift Jack discounted by $170.90 to $209.09. And then there's the Pro-Lift Speedy Lift Garage Jack on sale for $173.37, meaning you save $106.26. Get yourself a couple of these Amazon bargains before they disappear.

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