A Look at SilverRock’s Warranty Plans

Avoid costly repairs after you drive off the lot with the help of a SilverRock warranty.

byThe Drive Staff| UPDATED Apr 12, 2022 12:58 PM
A Look at SilverRock’s Warranty Plans

SilverRock provides basic warranty services through its 144 affiliated dealerships. The company prides itself on customer service and streamlined claims processes. It provides basic warranty protection through third-party companies, meant to address issues that arise quickly after the point of purchase.

The business is backed by a financing company that supplies security of $4.5 billion and offers warranties under the brand name Carvana. Whether you are looking to purchase a new vehicle or are considering expanding your existing coverage, understanding the nuances of SilverRock services is a great place to start.

Warranty At-A-Glance

The warranty offered through Carvana, a subsidiary of SilverRock, is fairly straightforward. It is designed to work in conjunction with the manufacturer warranty, specifically at the beginning of ownership. As such, it focuses on one single warranty offering, clearly detailing the services offered. 

  • Limited Warranty: After the purchase of a vehicle, the limited warranty provides what the company calls a ‘Worry-Free Guarantee.’ It lasts for a period of 100 days from the date of purchase or for 4,189 miles, whichever comes first. It covers most issues related to the vehicle, except cosmetic concerns, normal wear and tear, preventative maintenance, and aftermarket accessories. 


  • Works as a grace period for new vehicles protected by Carvana warranty.
  • Clear underwriting is available to clarify what is covered and what isn’t. 
  • Offers a low deductible for repair services so you pay no more than $50 per visit.
  • Covers repairs throughout the United States and Canada. 


  • SilverRock is the holding company while the car warranties are through Carvana.
  • Multiple exemptions to the limited warranty protection plan. 
  • Few options for warranties available through this company.

Warranty In-Depth

The warranty offered through Carvana, a part of SilverRock, is fairly straightforward. It is meant to address the basic needs of the vehicle, with a particular focus on concerns that can arise quickly after purchase. With numerous advantages such as a low deductible and comprehensive protection, the plan is relatively short-lived. It works best when used in conjunction with the manufacturer’s warranty. 

Limited Warranty Coverage

Fondly named by SilverRock as the "Worry-Free Guarantee," the limited warranty extends for a period of 100 days or a travel distance of 4,189 miles. The warranty concludes when either of those metrics is reached. The mileage clock starts ticking as soon as you take possession of the automobile. 

The plan involves a co-pay (or deductible) which will not exceed $50, though the amount is variable based on the warranty administrator. In order to qualify for coverage, the owner of the vehicle must maintain the vehicle per the owner’s manual (oil changes, filters, etc.). You must also get the consent of the warranty holder before doing any repairs and must pay the deductible. 

Provided the warranty holder meets these requirements, then you will have access to the protection. This includes covered parts leading to breakdown, which the shop will either repair or replace. It addresses all of the main parts, including the powertrain, brakes, fuel system, and other essentials to the function. The plan is structured to highlight exclusions to the warranty, meaning everything that isn’t listed is protected. 

Additional Coverage

Though the warranty itself is fairly basic, there are additional benefits available with the plan. The main benefit is the towing reimbursement. If your vehicle breaks down due to a covered issue, then the company will issue a check for the expense not to exceed $75 per incident. 

Another extra benefit of the coverage is that the protection covers the cost of rental vehicles. There are limits to the amount they will reimburse you for the rental, and the company must be approved by the administrator. So long as it is, the warranty will cover the reasonable cost of a rental vehicle while your covered car is getting repaired.

What We Like

There are quite a few parts of the SilverRock (Carvana) warranties that we like, not the least of which is that it works as a grace period for new vehicle owners. Instead of running the risk that your new car is a lemon, it lets you rest easy knowing that whatever issue arises, you won’t face hefty out-of-pocket expenses. While it is basic, the details are straightforward and nothing is left to the imagination. We really appreciate this clarity. 

The other part of this warranty that we really like is the fact that the deductibles are so reasonable. Co-pays can be really unpleasant, especially when you are facing a lower-cost repair. SilverRock notes that the deductible on the limited warranty will not exceed $50 per visit, meaning it is a really reasonable way to go. 

Finally, we appreciate the fact that coverage extends throughout Canada and the United States. While the mileage is fairly limiting, it still lets you travel pretty far while being covered by the warranty. With protection extending to both countries, regardless of where you go, so long as you adhere to the rules of the warranty, you are protected.

What We Don’t Like

Though there are a lot of aspects of the SilverRock warranty of which we are fond, there are some downsides as well. The main issue we take is that, while SilverRock presents itself as a warranty company, it is more of a holding agency. It is affiliated with more than140 dealerships, though the coverage is executed through third parties. 

Another thing which we don’t like is that the plan is non-transferrable. It’s unlikely that you will resell your vehicle within a period of 100 days, but it isn’t impossible. If you do, the plan does not get sold with the car. This can de-incentivize a purchase and result in your losing money if you don’t account for it when planning the sale.

Finally, we don’t like the multiple exceptions to the limited warranty. The offerings are already so basic and short-lived that the extra regulations are inconvenient at best. Among the components not protected are airbags, odometer failure, and electrical fire or meltdown. Additionally, repairs must be approved by the administrator and completed within 30 days of the issue arising. Basically, the underwriting is structured so that it makes actually accessing the services somewhat of a challenge. 

Common Repair Costs

Repairs on vehicles are inevitable, though if the issue arises within the first 100 days of your purchase it is likely to be extreme (and expensive). The structure of the limited warranty is to address problems with your new vehicle that make themselves apparent quickly after the purchase. 

Some of the most common issues and repair costs with new vehicles are: 

  • Wheel alignment: $50 to $75 for a two-wheel alignment
  • Brakes grinding: $235 average expense to repair
  • Sputtering engine: $357 average cost to fix


When determining which warranty provider is best suited to your needs, it’s important to ask all the questions you can. Get a thorough understanding of how extended warranties work so you know what to expect from the underwriting. We have reviewed the most popular warranty providers and their plans, so that you can get all information that you need. Not sure where to start? You can read our review of  Carshield's Extended Warranty plan since there is a good chance that you will find the right coverage for your vehicle.

All plans differ slightly. The warranty for a Maserati will be different than one for a Ford, particularly since each vehicle is prone to its own set of issues. Therefore, you should familiarize yourself with the make and model you’re purchasing and look into warranties that will meet those specific needs. 

Q: Can you cancel the SilverRock warranty?

Yes, you can cancel a SilverRock warranty. If you cancel the agreement within 30 days of your purchase, then you will receive a full refund. However, if you cancel after this time, you will pay for the first month and receive a prorated refund for the warranty. 

Q: Is SilverRock a good warranty?

The warranty is fairly basic, lasting only for a period of 100 days or 4,189 miles. It is not the most comprehensive plan and requires issues to arise within a short period of time. Though the deductible is low, the chances of a covered issue being noticed during the coverage period are relatively slim. 

Q: Is it worth buying a SilverRock auto warranty?

If you plan on buying a warranty, then it is likely better to look at other companies. Manufacturer warranties typically cover defects and the limited warranty offered through SilverRock relies on issues coming up soon after your purchase. If you want actual protection from out-of-pocket costs, it is better to look elsewhere. 

Q: What does SilverRock’s extended auto warranty cover?

SilverRock warranties, offered by Carvana, are not technically extended warranties. Referred to as limited warranties, they cover the essential parts of the vehicle including the powertrain, brakes, suspension, and fuel system. The company is clear about its exemptions, though the specifics relating to covered repairs can be found on your service contract. 

Q: How much does the SilverRock warranty cost?

The warranties are administered through one of the affiliated dealerships, with the pricing differing based on your place of purchase. However, SilverRock clearly states that it has affordable deductibles, never exceeding $50 per visit. 

Q. Does SilverRock provide a good customer experience?

While the SilverRock website notes that the business prides itself on customer service, it has only a 1.23-star rating on the Better Business Bureau customer review ranking and a B rating overall. Many consumers report facing issues with exclusions and confusing underwriting. 

Is SilverRock Warranty Worth It?

Upon closely investigating SilverRock warranties, namely those offered through Carvana, we are not able to recommend these services. This is mainly due to the short-lived protection on the limited warranties. When considered alongside the detailed and restrictive underwriting on the plans, it becomes apparent that coverage through this company leaves much to be desired. While it is a good starting point for your warranty research, there are other options that have the same benefits but have fewer restrictions. In short, the SilverRock arrangement is a good reference point but it should not be your final choice. 

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