Buick’s CPO Warranty: Comprehensive Protection for your Vehicle

Everything you need to know about Buick’s CPO warranty

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Vehicles in Buick’s CPO program have a limited warranty period that covers bumper-to-bumper repairs for 12,000 miles or one year, whichever comes first. The CPO warranty also includes powertrain coverage that lasts up to 100,000 miles or six years, whichever comes first.

Each vehicle in the Buick CPO program is carefully inspected and reconditioned. As a result, customers get a car that has nearly the same benefits as a brand-new Buick but at a lower price point. Here are the complete details you need to know about Buick’s CPO warranty.

Warranty In-Depth

Under Buick’s CPO warranty, each car is guaranteed to have less than 75,000 miles on the odometer at vehicle delivery. Additionally, each has a vehicle history report, along with service history including service date, and has undergone a 172-point inspection to make sure it’s eligible for sale. If a car fails the inspection, it won’t be sold as a certified pre-owned Buick.

Buick CPO vehicles come with two warranties and include many perks. The first warranty involves a six-year/100,000-mile powertrain warranty, and the second involves a one-year/12,000-mile bumper-to-bumper warranty. Neither requires a deductible. Read more for the limited warranty details.

Bumper-to-Bumper Coverage

Just like the original factory bumper-to-bumper, the CPO bumper-to-bumper warranty covers almost all major vehicle systems, such as heating, air conditioning, steering, remote start system, air filters, automatic locks, navigation services. It also covers bed liners, electrical components like satellite radio, and safety features.

However, proper vehicle use is important to adhere to the warranty because it does not include tire damage, damage due to accident, damage due to vehicle misuse, corrosion due to environmental conditions, and damage due to poor-quality fuel.

Powertrain Coverage

Choosing a CPO Buick equals peace of mind because all parts in the car’s powertrain, including the drivetrain, engine, and transmission are included in the warranty. Other parts such as axles, driveshafts, transfer cases, seals, and gaskets are also covered in the powertrain warranty.

Additional Coverage

Buick’s CPO warranty also comes with a $0 deductible, 24-hour roadside assistance, and courtesy transportation without any additional charges.

With Buick’s 24-hour roadside assistance, you can rest easy knowing that the automaker will have your back whenever you get stuck on the road. The understanding of complete terms can let you enjoy quick response, security, and convenience throughout six years or a total of 100,000 miles, depending on which comes first. Many dealers allow you to get a paid subscription plan, including an OnStar safety and security plan. These plans can be available with new vehicle delivery and include the best processes to give you peace of mind.

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You also get a free CARFAX Vehicle History Report for your car. This free vehicle history report will allow you to know more about the car’s maintenance history and any other problems it has experienced in the past, such as fires, accidents, etc.

In addition, as previously mentioned, each car undergoes a thorough 172-point vehicle inspection and reconditioning process to keep them in optimal operating condition. Also, each vehicle is under six years old and has less than 75,000 miles on the odometer.

If a vehicle fails the inspection, it will undergo a thorough reconditioning process; otherwise, it won’t be certified.

It’s also worth noting that there are no deductibles for covered repairs. And if you decide to sell your Buick CPO car, the warranty is fully transferable to a new owner.

Important Recall Information: You can check the recall status of any vehicle at safercar.gov.

Feeling Overwhelmed?

What We Like

One of the benefits of buying a Buick CPO car is that you get to enjoy the many benefits of owning a brand-new car, except that you’re buying it at a reduced price. However, compared to regular used cars on the market, a CPO car can have a six-percent higher price on average. The upside to this is that the vehicle’s condition is often better.

Also, the powertrain limited warranty lasts for up to six years or a total of 100,000 miles. This is quite comprehensive, which makes it a really sweet deal.

Various other extras like the 24-hour roadside assistance are really nice to have. Then there’s the transferable warranty, which is a good thing should you decide to sell it to a new buyer.

Its courtesy transportation is also an attractive addition. What it does is provide you with alternate transportation if you’re stuck on the road and aren’t able to get to your destination because your car needs warranty repairs. Buick can also offer a reimbursement of your transportation expenses, so you can continue with your journey while a certified facility repairs your car.

Lastly, the CPO warranty comes with a vehicle exchange policy, though it’s only limited to three days or 150 miles, whichever comes first. So, if you are not satisfied with your car, you can return it to your dealer within three days to exchange it with another vehicle of any model year that fits your needs.

What We Don’t Like

The warranty doesn’t include tire damage that’s due to wear and tear. It also has a number of limitations and does not cover damage caused by improper maintenance, an altered or disconnected odometer, or damage due to fire, overloading, collision, theft, riot, or explosion. These conditions are excluded in almost all automobile warranties such as GMC, Chevrolet, and Audi.

Common Repair Costs

Some of the most common issues and repair costs associated with Buick vehicles are as follows:

  • Buick Allure: Alternator repair ($301-$565)
  • Buick Gran Sport: Brake pad replacement ($139-$174)
  • Buick Centurion: Brake caliper replacement ($225-$300)
  • Buick Special: Cooling system flush ($154 -$169)


Q. How long is Buick’s CPO warranty?

A. The warranty for a Buick CPO car is one year or 12,000 miles for a bumper-to-bumper limited warranty (whichever comes first), and six years or 100,000 miles for the powertrain (whichever comes first).

Q. Are Buick CPO cars expensive?

A. Generally, a CPO Buick is more expensive than a regular used vehicle, though it’s cheaper compared to newer vehicles. In most cases, you’re looking at a six percent price difference between a regular used car and a certified pre-owned car.

Is Buick’s CPO Warranty Worth It?

With a price that’s more affordable than a brand-new vehicle, a Buick CPO car is no doubt worth it. The CPO warranty is quite comprehensive and can cover any issue that may arise when you start using the vehicle. Even though it has a few exclusions, they are similar to warranties provided by other companies such as Nissan, Honda, and Chevy.

The warranty will save you money on vehicle maintenance visits and monthly service plans. Also, the fact that it has long OnStar coverage and comes with an exchange policy makes it a solid choice for those who are thinking about owning a Buick.

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