Mercedes-Benz Extended Warranty

Discover the extended warranty options Mercedes-Benz can offer you after the factory warranty expires

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Mercedes-Benz Extended Warranty

Mercedes-Benz is a luxury automaker that often needs no introduction. While it doesn't make some of the most expensive vehicle models available, it is certainly up there in terms of distinctive looks and craftsmanship with many of its competitors.

It also offers a fairly good standard factory warranty for all of its new vehicles along with limited warranty coverage options for Mercedes-Benz certified pre-owned (some with unlimited mileage) vehicles. When that factory warranty expires, the company also has several options for true extended warranty customers can choose to fit their personal needs for their vehicles. Read on to learn all the warranty information on the plans Mercedes-Benz has to offer if you're looking for an extended warranty from the manufacturer.

Warranty In-Depth

Like some automakers, Mercedes-Benz has taken the approach of giving its customers options to choose from when selecting an extended warranty. In contrast, some automakers only offer one standard extended warranty or none at all. In this case, if you want extra options, you have to often go with a third-party warranty provider instead. By giving customers a few different options to consider right from the manufacturer after the new vehicle limited warranty program has expired, Mercedes-Benz is trying to keep customers coming back to its repair facilities and dealerships for more.

Extended Limited Warranty

Instead of offering separate bumper-to-bumper and powertrain warranties, like with the factory coverage of most automakers, Mercedes-Benz offers a single extended limited warranty with several different options in terms of length. While this doesn't include the traditional longer coverage of the powertrain warranty, all of the most important components to keep the vehicle running will be covered for the specific period of time the customer selects.

The included components of the warranty span the entire length of the car. These components include things like the engine, transmission, axles, four-wheel-drive systems, electrical systems, steering systems, radio, speakers, navigation system, climate control, suspension traction and stability systems, and more. Replacements use genuine Mercedes-Benz parts. Like most factory warranties, the coverage doesn't include normal hassles like the wear of disc brakes and tires.

In terms of the length of the warranty, customers can choose from a few different year and mileage extensions. Specifically, you can choose between one to three years in time and 75,000 to 100,000 miles in distance. The warranty can be purchased after the Mercedes-Benz factory warranty or certified pre-owned limited warranty has expired or if you're purchasing a used Mercedes Benz from an authorized dealership.

Additional Coverage

Automakers and third-party warranty providers often add a lot of extra perks to their extended warranty and vehicle service plans, usually beyond what you get with a typical factory warranty. In the case of Mercedes-Benz, however, the company has taken a fairly conservative approach to the additions you will get with its extended limited warranty.

The primary additional benefit is the roadside assistance program that can get you out of a jam if you are traveling or taking a road trip when unexpected issues arise. Services in the program include things like emergency towing, jumpstarting a dead battery, flat tire change, and emergency fuel services.

The roadside assistance program is designed to be a temporary fix instead of a long-term solution. In other words, the services are all designed to get you out of trouble on the road quickly and into an authorized repair facility or dealership where a technician can address the problem more thoroughly. The extended warranty may kick in for repairs if the issue involves an unexpected factory defect, but otherwise, you may be paying out-of-pocket for the services if the issue is caused by an accident, incident, or normal wear and tear.

Feeling Overwhelmed?

What We Like

Assessing the Mercedes-Benz extended limited warranty is a bit difficult for us since the company has taken a conservative approach with this coverage. In other words, we like the fact that the company offers options to its customers. With that said, it has limited the value and extra perks it could offer to really make extended coverage more useful to the daily driver.

The best thing about Mercedes-Benz's customization options is the actual terms the company offers. Choosing between one and three years, for example, allows the customer to specifically tailor the terms of the extended limited warranty plans to the needs of their vehicle. Drivers who have more problematic vehicles, for example, can choose the three-year option for the additional peace of mind.

The fact that the company offers 75,000 or 100,000 miles for the one-, two-, or three-year plan options is also good. This means customers don't have to choose between a desired time and distance. Instead, they can simply have it all by choosing the specific terms they want for their vehicle.

What We Don’t Like

For an extended warranty, Mercedes-Benz’s conservative approach has created some drastic limitations compared to its competitors. Its customization options, for example, aren't as long, in terms of time and distance, as you will find with many third-party warranty providers. One to three years is a decent amount of time, but it certainly isn’t as long as the coverage you will get with the extra five to eight years you may find with a third-party provider.

The extra perks also aren’t as competitive with the third-party options available. Simply extending the roadside assistance program all-new Mercedes-Benz vehicles have is a good start, but it doesn't match the availability of mechanics and auto garages the typical third-party roadside assistance program has. In other words, you may find yourself more limited to where you can take your vehicle (or where the tow truck takes it) in a roadside emergency.

There is also a lack of payment options that can avoid the complicated paperwork, surcharges, and service department visits that come with taking advantage of the warranty. For the Mercedes-Benz extended limited warranty coverage, such payment options offer a better ownership experience.

Most importantly, the extended warranty Mercedes-Benz offers lacks any kind of maintenance value. As a vehicle age, maintenance schedule service calls and unexpected maintenance will be more necessary, meaning more potential out-of-pocket expenses for you. The inclusion of some kind of basic maintenance plan would have been smart here to add extra value and peace of mind for the company's customers.


Q. Do I need to buy an extended warranty for Mercedes-Benz?

A. Not at all. You may find that you want to go without an extended warranty altogether and just pay for any services and repairs that come up. If you do want extended warranty coverage, there are plenty of third-party options to consider as well.

Q. Does Mercedes-Benz include any kind of trip interruption coverage with its roadside assistance program?

A. Yes, as long as the issue that strands you on the road is caused by a warrantable defect. Other restrictions include being at least 100 miles away from home, requiring an overnight repair, and the work being done at a Mercedes-Benz dealership. If these conditions are met, you can expect up to $300 per day for lodging and food expenses.

Is Mercedes-Benz’s Warranty Worth It?

Mercedes-Benz vehicle owners have to take a good long and hard look when considering their extension options after the factory new vehicle warranty has expired. Although the extended warranty has a few high points and continues the basic coverage of the factory warranty, you may find there are better options by looking elsewhere. If you want just a continuation of the factory warranty, this will probably be your best choice. If you want more, a third-party warranty provider is something to consider.

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