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Tyler's passion is the study of military technology, strategy, and foreign policy and he has fostered a dominant voice on those topics in the defense media space. He was the creator of the hugely popular defense site Foxtrot Alpha before developing The War Zone.

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Shahed 136 with cellular modem found in ukraine

Shahed-136 With Cellular Modem Found In Ukraine: What It Means

By Howard Altman / Published Nov 30, 2023

No, This Is Not A Secret UFO Crash Retrieval

No, This Is Not A Secret UFO Crash Retrieval

By Joseph Trevithick / Published Nov 29, 2023

CCAs flying with notional NGAD manned aircraft.

Signs Point To Less Range, Higher Performance For CCA Drones

By Joseph Trevithick / Published Nov 28, 2023

Bunker Talk: Turkey Day Edition

Bunker Talk: Turkey Day Edition

By Tyler Rogoway / Published Nov 22, 2023

Russian has captured an intact Ukrainian MAGURA V drone boat Russian sources claim

Ukrainian Drone Boat Appears To Have Been Captured By Russia

By Howard Altman / Published Nov 22, 2023

Iranian Shahed-238 drone at the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) aerospace achievement exhibition at Ashura Aerospace Science and Technology University, in Tehran, Iran on November 19, 2023.

Iran’s Jet-Powered Shahed Drone Could Be A Problem For Ukraine

By Thomas Newdick / Published Nov 22, 2023

Lockheed manned tailless fighter design

Skunk Works Teases Tailless NGAD Fighter Design In New Ad

By Tyler Rogoway / Published Nov 20, 2023

Japan is seeking 400 Tomahawk Land Attack Cruise Missiles.

Japan Approved To Buy 400 Tomahawk Cruise Missiles

By Howard Altman / Published Nov 18, 2023