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US, UK and allies strike Houthi rebels in Yemen.

Allies Strike Back Against Houthis In Yemen (Updated)

By Howard Altman / Published Jan 11, 2024

Lockheed Martin has built the 1,000th F-35, but delays with a key upgrade program mean it is parked away awaiting delivery.

The 1,000th F-35 Has Been Built

By Tyler Rogoway / Published Jan 10, 2024

B-1B Ellsworth mishap

B-1B Bomber Crashes In South Dakota

By Tyler Rogoway / Published Jan 4, 2024

Drones have become a ubiquitous threat on battlefield around the world, and existing active protection systems could be part of future solutions for defending vehicles against them.

Tank Active Protection Systems Could Be Used To Shoot Down Drones

By Joseph Trevithick / Published Jan 2, 2024

MH-60 Red Ssa

After U.S. Navy Helicopters Sink Houthi Boats Are Strikes Next?

By Tyler Rogoway / Published Dec 31, 2023

Sailors observe fireworks behind the Arleigh Burke class destroyer USS Benfold on New Year's Eve 2015, Yokosuka, Japan.

Bunker Talk: New Year’s Edition

By Tyler Rogoway / Published Dec 29, 2023

Super Hornets from the aircraft carrier Dwight David Eisenhower struck Houthi missile installations today.

Super Hornets Score Aerial Kills Over Red Sea

By Tyler Rogoway / Published Dec 26, 2023