Thomas Newdick

Staff Writer, The War Zone

Thomas is a defense writer and editor with over 20 years’ experience covering military aerospace topics and conflicts. He’s written a number of books and edited more, and has contributing to many of the world’s leading aviation publications. He comes to The War Zone from his previous position as Editor of AirForces Monthly.

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Su-27 Flanker

Malfunctioning Russian Missile May Have Saved RC-135 Spy Plane

By Thomas Newdick / Published Apr 13, 2023

MIG-29 Ukraine Poland

The Ironic Saga Of Ukraine’s Newly Donated MiG-29 Fulcrums

By Thomas Newdick / Published Apr 12, 2023

F-35A Fort Worth

Romania Unveils Plan To Buy F-35s

By Thomas Newdick / Published Apr 11, 2023


Our Best Look At China’s Re-Engined Y-20B Cargo Jet

By Thomas Newdick / Published Apr 6, 2023


China’s Massive Fleet Of Radar Planes And The Strategy Behind It

By Andreas Rupprecht / Published Apr 5, 2023

Altius 600 drone

Our First Look At An ALTIUS-600M Loitering Munition Detonating

By Thomas Newdick / Published Apr 3, 2023


Air Force Pulls Plug On Much-Hyped Hypersonic Missile

By Thomas Newdick / Published Mar 30, 2023