Thomas Newdick

Staff Writer, The War Zone

Thomas is a defense writer and editor with over 20 years’ experience covering military aerospace topics and conflicts. He’s written a number of books and edited more, and has contributing to many of the world’s leading aviation publications. He comes to The War Zone from his previous position as Editor of AirForces Monthly.

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F-16 Lemoore

Navy F-16 Recovered After Running Off Runway

By Thomas Newdick / Published Oct 4, 2023

F35 flare release

Moment Flare Released From F-35 Captured In Remarkable Photo

By Thomas Newdick / Published Oct 3, 2023


Serbian Troops On Kosovo Border Stoke Fears Of New Balkan War

By Thomas Newdick / Published Oct 2, 2023

Taiwan submarine

Taiwan Launches First Domestically Built Submarine

By Thomas Newdick / Published Sep 28, 2023

JSTARS E-8 retirement

E-8 JSTARS Has Flown Its Last Operational Mission

By Thomas Newdick / Published Sep 26, 2023

Drone net

Russia Hanging Nets Between Lamp Posts To Counter FPV Drones

By Howard Altman / Published Sep 25, 2023

M1 Abrams tank

M1 Abrams Tanks Have Arrived In Ukraine

By Thomas Newdick / Published Sep 25, 2023