James Gilboy

James Gilboy

Staff Writer

James has written for The Drive since early 2017, focusing on the history and ongoing evolution of technology, transportation, and car culture. Be it powered by a battery, boiler, internal combustion or nuclear fission, he could probably tell you more about it than you’d care to hear.


  • Polyglot literate in every form of machine we use to transport ourselves
  • ASE Student Certified mechanic
  • Syndicated by MSN and Popular Science


Having written about cars for various outlets since 2014, James has extensively covered every facet of the automotive world, bringing digestible depth to mass audiences. He’s as comfortable reporting on history and culture as he is business and technology, though his specialties are— without a doubt—his ability to dig up offbeat history not in his native language, and parse the ways of the auto bohéme.

Because cars aren’t the only vehicles we rely on in modern society, James also occasionally reports on aerospace, railroading, and public transit, in both the national and global context.


Attended Front Range Community College from 2013-2018, where he studied business, ethics, and journalism before departing with ASE certification in automotive service.

Fun Fact

Lando Norris once rammed me off the track in Forza Motorsport before he reached F1.


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