Aaron Cole

Aaron Cole

Senior Editor

Aaron Cole is The Drive's Senior Editor, leading the site's daily news operation to shape its focus and drive its original reporting. He lives in Colorado, near where he grew up because he lacks imagination. When he's not writing about cars, he's probably taking pictures of cars. When he's not doing either, he's probably eating or sleeping because you need to do those things, too.


  • He’s seen a total solar eclipse in a Nebraska parking lot.
  • He holds professional racing licenses from organizations that should know better. 
  • He’s won multiple awards for reporting, writing, editing, or photography from The Associated Press and other regional or state press associations. Also placed second in the 100-yard dash at Ponderosa Elementary field day in 1988 or 1989.


Aaron began his career in journalism when the news was printed on dead trees and thrown on driveways. A graduate of the University of Utah, he began his career as a sportswriter and once bought Alex Smith a beer when neither was old enough to consume alcohol. Covering news for more than a decade at various newspapers across the U.S., he grew tired of obscene violence and legislators’ silence and realized his dream job of writing about cars and people. And here we are.


Aaron has two bachelor degrees in finance and philosophy from the University of Utah.

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