DJI Teases New Product Ahead of January 23 Launch

The Shenzhen-based drone giant just released a teaser trailer hinting at a new product to be unveiled in New York City.


“What are we? We are but billions of atoms and molecules butting together.” That’s how the teaser for drone manufacturer DJI and its new mysterious product begins. You might’ve had reasonable expectations for the leading recreational drone manufacturer in the world to unveil something new at CES 2018, but it seems DJI wanted control of just when and how its upcoming product was announced. Hence, the teaser trailer, officially posted to the company’s social media today. 

The video is short and doesn’t give us much, besides allusions to the process of evolution on planet Earth and few shadowy glimpses at whatever DJI is about to officially present next Tuesday. There are some pretty impressive shots of natural phenomena such as tornadoes and ocean currents, time-lapse footage of plants growing from the dirt, as well as the patterns of movement exhibited by ants, human beings, the elements, essentially. The voiceover has a tinge of egomaniacal prophecy to it, with a confident voice speaking of the “formidable strength and power” and “the beginnings of something truly mighty” looming on the horizon. I’m going to take a small guess and theorize that this truly mighty thing is a product manufactured by DJI, though, and not a world-changing anti-gravity device or something of the sort.

Let’s take a look at the video in question, and see if there are any other clues hidden within.

This is essentially a teaser in its purest form. Nothing of any value is actually presented here, except for the one important thought, that DJI is giving us something big Jan. 23 at 10 a.m. in New York. And as such, this is an utterly successful marketing ploy that has gotten our attention. Besides the obvious, though, there are two shots that presumably show us the product in question. While they don’t reveal much, they'll have to do for the next six days provided DJI doesn’t double down and release further promotional material before next week. 


Feel free to chime in below with your theories as to just what kind of drone, if a drone, at all, DJI will be presenting next week. I'm fairly certain that what we're seeing above are shots of rotors and some sort of output/input jack. Are we getting a new Mavic, or Phantom? Something entirely original? Which direction is DJI going in, here? As the narrator says, “The question is, are we ready for what’s to come?” As a fan of DJI’s and the advancement of drone technology, I’m here to reply with a resounding "yes" to that ponderous thought.