Formula Drift Driver Ryan Tuerck Takes on an Autonomous Race Car

Who is better, human or machine? Roborace's DevBot takes on driver Ryan Tuerck.

Roborace | YouTube

The 2018 Formula Drift season is underway, and while Formula Drift driver Ryan Tuerck is particularly at home with his Ferrari V8 engine powered work of art, the GT-4586 drift car, he recently headed to Rome to race out of his element.

There, Tuerck not only drove on the Formula E Rome street circuit, but also took on the DevBot, a development test mule based on a Le Mans prototype race car. It's part of preparations for a Roborace series featuring self-driving race cars. 

The DevBot has the drivetrain and power of the future Robocars, plus a cockpit for a human, which future Robocars for the Roborace series will not have.

Hopping into the DevBot cockpit, Tuerck got a chance to test his skills. He went out and set some practice laps to get a feel for the car.

"Any mistake that you do, any corner that you brake too late, you're done," CEO of Roborace and defending Formula E Champion Lucas Di Grassi told Tuerck.

Tuerck then hopped out of the car to let it do its own thing: Take laps with its seat belts swaying and no human behind the wheel. 

Roborace | YouTube

I will not spoil who won the challenge Ryan Tuerck or the DevBot. Roborace's feature RYAN TUERCK: Pro Drifter vs Autonomous Car in Human + Machine Challenge is below.

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