Watch the Drama Behind HGK Racing's E92 Eurofighter's First Drift Battle

Robyworks documents HGK Racing's weekend at the last event of the 2017 Formula Drift season. 

Robyworks / YouTube

Last October, The Drive broke the news of HGK Racing's drama at the last event of the 2017 Formula Drift season. Not only was it the final contest of the campaign, at the time, it was going to be the last Formula Drift event to take place at the wavering Irwindale Speedway. At the time, HGK Racing and driver Kristaps Blušs were competing with a BMW E46 drift car, but before the final battle, the car had a weekend-ending issue. Luckily, though, HGK Racing had a backup plan.

The team had brought its future 2018 Formula Drift car, the E92 Eurofighter, over to do show duties, but once its contemporary competitor faltered, the next-gen Bimmer had to step up to the plate. 

Amidst the switch up, many thought the E46's issues and the E92 Eurofighter's availability was some sort of media marketing trick, but YouTube channel Robyworks documented the drama. The E46 drift car was recently modified with a nitrous oxide system to add an additional 70-100 horsepower which may have led to the issue. Blušs was fighting for third place overall before the battle, but oil all throughout the engine bay put an end to that until he got the call that the team's show car had cleared customs. 

HGK's E92 Eurofighter had never raced or even been on track. In fact, the car arrived at the venue in a container straight from the shop. When faced with the problems that plagued its old driftmobile, HGK figured what better place to test out its newest race car than at the House of Drift—Irwindale. 

For a behind the scenes look at the race-day epic, check out Robyworks' feature video below.