German Domino's Pizza Guy Takes '30 Minutes or Less' Pledge Very Seriously, Despite G20 Summit

Riot? Chaos? No problem.


The G20 Summit protests in Hamburg, Germany have been chaotic and violent to say the least. Normally when you see something this publicized and dangerous in your home city, you actively avoid the area. Not this brave Dominos Pizza delivery boy (nay, man). 

The brave soul took his scooter through a volatile crowd and continued to approach police in riot gear. For some amazing and remarkable reason, police did not spray, hit, or shoot the man traveling on a motorized vehicle directly towards them. Instead they listened to his somewhat odd request to proceed and promptly denied it. If we were in the police officer's shoes we feel it would have been impossible not to ask why he didn't decide to venture across the city several blocks away from the protests.

Whatever the case may be, Joey Pepperoni (new name) takes his job and the "30 minutes or less" motto very seriously.