Car Setting Buttons - The clusters of buttons that typically control car settings have nearly all been switched out for virtual ones within the S90’s Sensus touchscreen. This technology makes for a more seamless driver experience and creates a refined cabin devoid of clutter.
Seat Warmer Buttons - Want to turn on the seat warmers without fumbling around your dashboard? Simply activate the voice control, make your request, or tap the touchscreen for a quick fix.
Smartphone GPS - Gone are the days when you had to struggle to hear what your next turn was from a voice on your tiny smartphone speaker — the Sensus Connect system has a built-in navigation system. In addition, drivers can get directions on the Sensus touchscreen or within the optional Head-up display on the lower part of the windshield allowing you to keep your eyes on the road instead of your smartphone.
Temperature Knobs - No need to look away from the road to turn on the air-conditioning. You can adjust the temperature using voice controls to specify a cabin temperature. “I’m hot” will turn it down. “I’m cold” will turn it up.