Fashion Forward - The main objective for the chic set has always been understated style, which is why the elegant S90 hits the perfect mark. The beautifully proportioned, concave grill is inspired by the legendary Volvo P1800 sports coupe. Then there are the headlights: Think you see Thor’s hammer in there? You do. Named after the Norse god of thunder, that signature shape makes the S90 undeniably distinctive and instantly recognizable.
Thin and Cool - Seven years of research and development went into crafting the S90’s luxurious front seats. They’re thinner, so they offer more backseat legroom, and available ventilation means they stay cool, even on scorching days. But Volvo goes beyond comfort: The front seats are specifically designed to protect against whiplash and spinal injuries by absorbing energy away from your body in the event of a collision.
Stylish Sounds - Concerned about sound quality? With the S90, you’re literally in the clear, thanks to the 19 speaker, 1,400 watt Bowers & Wilkins system. The center-mounted “tweeter on top” ensures uncompromising clarity by aiming sound directly at you rather than reflecting it off a surface like the windshield. That means crisp highs and pitch-perfect vocals, whether you’re relaxing with Bach or rocking some Zeppelin. On the other end of the spectrum, Kevlar mid-range and low-end drivers bump up the bass and add a pop of color. Don’t forget the free-air subwoofer that uses the car’s chassis as an acoustic element. Go ahead, turn it up.DW Burnett/PUPPYKNUCKLES
Bright Lights - Many automakers offer standard LED lights for daytime. Volvo goes a step further. The S90 has LED lights that make the exterior of the sedan glow day and night. And not just in the usual places, like the side-view mirrors; even the door handles of the S90 illuminate, imbuing the S90 with a gorgeous glow usually reserved for the red carpet.DW Burnett/PUPPYKNUCKLES
The Touch of Luxury - Many of the S90’s most used controls – such as the the rotary Engine Start/Stop button, Drive Mode scroll wheel, and Volume knob — feature elegantly patterned surfaces inspired by those found in native Scandinavian peoples’ clothing,. The unique pattern exudes quality and can also be found in the Air Blade controls, so a touch of luxury is always within reach.DW Burnett/PUPPYKNUCKLES