Bold Stance - Wider, longer, and lower than other sedans, the Volvo S90 boasts a stance that quietly draws attention. The perfectly proportioned sedan combines traditional automotive elegance with modern technological advancement.
Coupe-like Silhouette - The S90’s sporty silhouette features a roof line that peaks just above the driver and then slopes downward to the trunk, giving the sedan the feel of a two-door. This is no surprise, of course, considering the seeds for the S90 were planted when Volvo floored the automotive world with its Concept Coupe in 2013 to introduce the 89-year-old carmaker’s game-changing design initiative.
Commanding Grille - The face of the S90 harks back to one of Volvo’s design benchmarks: the Volvo P1800. This distinctive grille, marked by its 23 concave bars, is a clear nod to that iconic mid-century vehicle. Combined with its long dash-to-axle ratio and short overhang, the new S90 makes a subtle yet strong connection between its illustrious heritage to its design-forward future.DW Burnett/PUPPYKNUCKLES
Thor’s Hammer Headlights - Even the S90’s swept-back daytime running lights exude a quiet confidence. The unmistakable “Thor’s hammer” T-shape, a hallmark of Volvo’s new design direction, proudly announces this vehicle’s presence—and helps bring a sense of might to even the most mundane of morning commutes.DW Burnett/PUPPYKNUCKLES
Scandinavian Elegance - With decades of unmatched leadership in safety, Volvo opened the door to a new world of design possibilities with its Scalable Product Architecture, giving the Swedish carmaker the freedom to create vehicles with a wide range of proportions, powertrains, and features. Volvo designers and engineers set a high-water mark with the S90, a luxury sedan that embraces the clean lines and confident beauty of fine Scandinavian design.DW Burnett/PUPPYKNUCKLES
Smart Power - Nothing breeds confidence quite like getting more for less. And that’s exactly what you get when you press the pedal on the S90’s efficient, supercharged and turbocharged two-liter engine, which delivers the performance equivalent of larger displacement offerings. Translation: lower fuel costs and emissions with a fulfilling driving experience.