Volvo On Call App - Ever wished you could start the engine remotely to preheat the interior on a cold day, or get the air conditioning kicking ahead of time on a scorcher? With the Volvo S90 you can. The Volvo On Call app gives drivers remote access to some of the car’s most basic systems. In the car, you can also ask for roadside assistance or hit the SOS button in an emergency.DW Burnett/PUPPYKNUCKLES
Corner Traction Control - The proprietary Corner Traction Control through Torque Vectoring makes steering a cinch, assisting the driver when cornering at high speeds or on slippery roads. The Corner Traction Control mimics the function of a differential brake and also helps reduce understeer. The S90 T6 is also available with all-wheel drive, further assisting in adverse driving conditions.
Smart Driver Display - The ultrahigh-resolution digital display is easy to read and intuitively laid out, ensuring that the driver needs only a quick glance to find information like speed, RPMs, and directions. The display seamlessly adapts to changing light conditions, automatically controlling brightness so that readability is maintained even when ambient light is less than ideal.
Electronic Stability Control - This feature, called ESC for short, uses information provided by antilock brake sensors to monitor the rotation of each wheel. If the computer senses one wheel with a higher relative rotational speed, it automatically compensates by applying brake pressure to that wheel until it returns to the perfect speed. It is especially useful for slick road conditions.
Four Drive Modes - Comfort Mode, Dynamic Mode, ECO Mode, and Individual Mode offer a choice for every driver and driving condition. On a sunny day when you are in the mood for a sporty driving experience, you might want to try Dynamic Mode, which offers quicker gear changes and faster starts from a standstill, or go with Individual Mode, which allows you to customize throttle, transmission, suspension and steering settings to your heart's content.rr DW Burnett/PUPPYKNUCKLES