Barcelona's nightclubs are turning out the last of their customers as Roy and Cantle start their day.
Roy checks the time. Departure is calculated to beat both the morning rush hour in Barcelona, and the afternoon rush hour in Lisbon.
Luggage secured, Roy looks longingly at a nightlife he missed out on, prefering instead to sleep in preperation for the record run.
The first light of dawn signals that it's time to depart.
The first look at the GPS map is always daunting.
Spain and Portugal both have fantastic, high-speed toll roads. Perfect for record setting at sensible, even legal speeds.
Careful planning dispatches city traffic. The record appears to be in the bag.
The 25 de Abril Bridge spans the Tagus, and whisks the team into Lisbon. Designed by the same firm behind San Francisco's Bay Bridge, the span is a Lisbon landmark.
Record: Set! Perfect weather and unimprovable road conditions allow Roy and Cantle to pilot the Volvo to Belém Tower in Lisbon ahead of schedule.
Satisfied with his effort, Roy basks in linen and the Portuguese sunlight.
The Volvo takes to Lisbon's streets like a duck to water.
With hours of daylight remaining, the team gets a lay of the land, starting with the monuments and fountains of Rossio Square.