Daimler Launching $255 Million Fix for Dirty Diesels in Europe

The company has been under an emissions probe since March.

Mercedes Benz

Diesel cars have caused plenty of problems in the last handful of years—and now, their issues have grown to infect Daimler and Mercedes Benz. The company has been under investigation for over polluting diesel cars in Europe—three million of them, in fact. According to a report from Reuters, the automaker has decided to undergo a fix that will ultimately cost around $255 million to repair the affected models.

Daimler's management board approved the move to take on this action on Tuesday. This comes after German lawmakers told the company to perform additional emissions tests, as well as answer questions about the situation in court.

"The company is investing about 220 million euros. The service actions involve no costs for the customers," Daimler said in a statement. This round of fixes will start within the next few weeks, and reportedly won't cost owners anything.

Daimler was investigated in May by 23 prosecutors and approximately 230 staff, after claims of false advertising and manipulation of exhaust-gas manipulation equipment.

Despite this, Mercedes will continue to produce and sell its four-cylinder OM 654 diesel engine across the M-B range in Europe.

Diesel emissions have become a hot topic ever since Volkswagen came under fire for cheating tests in 2015. Ever since, other automakers have been under the microscope to ensure collaboration with applicable laws.

While this may not be as big as VW's multi-billion dollar settlement, it's still a noteworthy deal. Mercedes must remain cooperative and agree to keep within the standards set by European officials.