Small Plane Crashes on Interstate 405 in Southern California, Explodes into Fireball 

Both occupants were transported to a nearby trauma center.

Rafi Mamalian/Twitter

Air travel is the safest form of transportation, but accidents are bound to happen. Unfortunately that was the case for a couple in their sixties on Friday, when their Cessna 310 twin-engine plane didn't quite reach the runway at John Wayne Airport, causing it to crash onto nearby Interstate 405. The small airplane took off from John Wayne Airport shortly before 9:30am, only for the pilot to declare an emergency landing almost immediately after takeoff. As seen in the Twitter video below, the plane came to a flaming crash when it landed in the roadway on its fuel tank, causing it to rupture. 

Luckily enough, the couple were pulled from the wreckage by an off-duty Avalon, California firefighter. According to Orange County Fire Authority Captain Larry Kurtz, both victims were taken to a nearby trauma center for treatment.

Crash landing onto a highway is not uncommon, as it is the closest thing to a runway a pilot can often find. Unfortunately, there are usually a lot of obstacles that can rupture a the fuel tank or cause other damage to the vehicle. At this time, the reason for an emergency landing is unclear, but we are sure more information about the crash will be revealed after the FAA investigation.