Here’s the $40 Titanium Keychain Multi-Tool You Want

Ultra low-profile, magnetic, and versatile. Big Idea Design has your new EDC on deck.

Titanium Keychain Multi-Tool
Big i Design

The Titanium Pocket Tool packs 12 awesome features into the footprint of a credit card. We like it for that reason, and we’ll highlight some of those features momentarily. Meantime, we especially like the fact that Big Idea Design, the TPT’s creator, isn’t just debuting on Kickstarter, where this impressive new multi-tool has raised (as of this writing) $140,000 against a goal of $5,000. The folks at Big Idea are old-hand inventors, with 17 launched products dating back to 2010. All of which bodes well for the making and selling of the $40 TPT, which is scheduled to ship in June.

What we dig: The TPT is magnetized because it incorporates a clever box-cutter razor blade that reverses to become a fork. It’s an emergency fork, to be sure, but by magnetizing the TPT, the blade doesn’t rattle in its keeper, the way they do in ubiquitous but crappy Stanley box cutters. An insecurely fixed blade also happens to be more dangerous, not just a reminder of un-artful design.

Better thinking also went into the the centered, hex-bit driver. It accepts Big Idea’s own titanium bits, plus standard Imperial and Metric bits, and the very wide flat-head screwdriver needed to drive broadly slotted screws (such as the ones on an apartment door hinge or a tripod head mount). We don’t love the universal wrench design, which would probably deeply scar any nut you were trying to turn a la Vise-Grips. Remember, though: This is an in-a-pinch tool, not the replacement for your Vanadium sockets. Naturally there’s both a bottle opener and a lanyard/keyring opening.

Just don’t use the latter for keys if you have one of those balky GM ignitions—they don’t play nicely with hefty ball-and-chain fobs.