The Evening Rush for Nov. 25, 2015

Your nightly cull of automotive, gear and lifestyle news, all in one place.

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The Evening Rush is your daily roundup of auto, gear, and lifestyle news, all in one place. Less time searching, more time driving. Motor on.


Ford is recalling 450,000 Fusions and Mercury Milans for possible fuel cell leaks. A faulty canister purge valve is the culprit, causing pressure to change in the tank, potentially leading to a fire. Ford says that, at this point, it’s not aware of any (unintentional) Mercury barbeques.

A 675LT Spider has been spotted across the pond, confirming that McLaren will continue to expand its model range. The Spider should utilize the same 666-horsepower, twin-turbo 3.8-liter V-8 as the 675LT coupe. Given the barely-existent performance delta between the 650S coupe and convertible, we expect this new Longtail Spider to deliver similar numbers to its hardtop sibling.

Kia will be using a new 3.8-liter V-6 in its K900. Although intended for entry-level trim, this V-6 will still offer a healthy 311hp. It’ll be coupled to an 8 speed automatic transmission.



TV’s are overrated; get a projector. The new Optoma HD37 is a fine thing for watching shows and movies, or whatever else is queued up on your attached devices. (Hey, no judgements here). The 1080p function should offer a sweet picture, even with its 325-inch projection size.

Nothing beats versatility, and Icebreaker’s new MerinoLOFT Helix is a reversible jacket/flannel. It consists of a 100% recycled polyester exterior and merino plaid flannel interior. Or vice versa.



It’s that time of year again… stout time! From rich milk brews to intense imperials, it’s hard to go wrong this winter. Our pick? Founders Breakfast Stout, an 8.3% abv coffee stout that’ll leave you sitting pretty on a flavor cloud.

Rather than storming through big box stores this Friday, go outside and burn off that ungodly amount of food you consumed the night before. America’s packed with amazing hiking routes, and has compiled a list of the top 100. Check ’em out.